About us

Being “a gospel-centered church” doesn’t just mean that the church affirms a written doctrinal statement that’s consistent with the gospel. It means that the gospel message of who Jesus is and what he’s done to save us is the functional center of Point of Grace church and Ministry .

The gospel should never be regarded as “yesterday’s news.” Instead, we should regularly be led to a state of awe and amazement as we remember the grace of God in saving us even when we were in a most wretched condition. How could we ever take for granted such a beautiful story of redemption and rescue?

Gospel centrality means that we view every aspect of life in light of the gospel:

We worship God in light of the gospel, recognizing that it’s the clearest window we have to who God is. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the awe-inspiring love, justice, and power of God are revealed with unparalleled clarity.

We view our identity in light of the gospel, joyfully remembering that God has cleansed us from our sins, made us new from the inside out, and adopted us as his sons and daughters.

We relate to others in light of the gospel, showing them the same love, generosity, patience, and forgiveness that God has so richly shown us through Jesus.

We approach our mission in light of the gospel, understanding that the most fundamental need people have is not for food or clothing (although we should seek to help in these areas) but for a saving relationship with Jesus that will make a difference for eternity.

Basically, a gospel-centered church is a church that can’t stop talking about this gospel message and recognizes its relevance for every aspect of their lives.