God values our offerings differently than men do. In God’s eyes, the value of the offering is not determined by its amount. The passage says that the wealthy gave large amounts, but the widow’s “fraction of a penny” was of much higher value because she gave all that she had. It was a costly sacrifice. Notice that Jesus did not say she put in more than any of the others; he said she put in more than all the others.

Every single dollar you give before God counts alot than the way you feel about it. $1 Raises alot of Praises before Our God.  Everyday if you Save $1 for us, after Thirty Days it will be $30, How Great and Powerful will you be a giver than the way you ever knew.

Lets Give together towards the Gospel for the salvation of Gods People as you feel the same Love they will feel the same and you will have saved a soul from destruction. God Bless you as you give.  We at Point of Grace Ministries We say, Thank you and God Richly Bless you. 

Point of Grace Donation

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