Ghandi is an independent, Non-Governmental, developmental and charity Organization formed with a humanitarian heart and a desire to support and give a hand to less advantaged youth in the community with vocational skills.

LOCATION:GHANDI Initiative is located in Kizito – Zone, Luweero South East, Luweero Town Council, Luweero District. 500Metres away from Gulu Highway.


The initiality to create GHANDI – Give Hand Initiative, was developed as an in-house (Church) program by a team of men and women of God in Point of Grace Ministries International – Luwero located in Kizito Zone who thought it wise and generous beyond boarders to have it on plate that the youth not only in the body of Christ (Church) especially our church but the entire community of Luwero municipality are living a premeditated life-style of poverty. They believed with pure sound doctrine that poverty is not lack of money or cash in the pocket but not having what to do as a job that can make you earn finances.  This was done after a thorough survey which was conducted by the leaders among the Youth in church and Community at large.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Survey which was conducted shows that families in the community are living a miserable life of poverty resulting into other Problems hence need to be addressed. These vulnerable affected youth both men and women are from various background such as from poor family, HIV/ AIDS Positive rejected by their families, victims of human home based violence, those born out of rape, vulnerables, orphans, widows, single parents. GHANDI works to support the vulnerable affected youth from different communities around Luwero municipality and beyond and have been forced in prostitution, victims of sexual violence, rape, survived of torture, HIV/AIDS positive, widows, orphans, and poor family. These continue to increase in number in our communities here in Luwero TC. Today there is no specific program aiming at training them especially to have skills and to support them.


Many youth are victims of different violence then after are rejected by their husband, families, societies and communities. They have no where to stay, nothing to eat and can’t access the basic needs. The youth are more and more vulnerable because of their status, some have been victims of immigration from far communities, victim of war like from south Sudan, DR. Congo, home based Violence and the Church has become a haven of peace and Zane to them and then they reached here in Luwero, finding out they have no one to support or help them. As a consequence they have been for many times victims of the unlawful arrest, sexual abuse to for women, defilement in form of rape, forced into prostitution, sexual exploitation in form of early marriages, accused of many crimes in town especially to male youths, unwanted pregnancies to ladies, discrimination by the whole community, sexually transmitted diseases. Their fate is becomes premeditated and determined on the streets of Luwero by anyone who meets them a day at a  time and night where they are always called prostitutes, thieves at the end there are arrested, sentenced and sent to prison for many years.

We have noticed the problem of attitude of some people who have a negative and perceptive character of stereotyping and on top of malicing towards these youth that they are just mentally incompetent meaning they can’t manage daily life situations. They do not encourage them to access training skills, going to school develop themselves. Many  youth who are used in forced prostitution and other sexual practices most of them are due to the lack of support and the poor social lives in order to meet their basic needs and to pay their daily bills like house rent, food, clothing and medical to mention but a few. It is on record statically 30% in 100 youth want to integrate to the working systems but if is a woman, she is put in a low level working class because of lack of skills, language barrier for those who come from deep in the village communities where English is not spoken, and end up being victims of different crimes such as sexual exploitation (where you offer sex for a job on a daily basis as a ticket for a job) for young girls and forced prostitution and drug abuse, hence victimization for the entire youth age.