1. Register and Attend the Membership Classes

After each worship service those who desire to go through the membership/baptism process should go to the Member Center to register for the Membership Classes. A complete class cycle offered over the first three Sundays of every month, classes are open for all to attend.

  1. Complete Membership/Baptism Packet

Applications for Membership/Baptism are available on Sunday mornings from the membership pastor. This step includes:

  1. Completely fill out the Application for Membership/Baptism
  2. Read “What We Teach”
  3. Read “Point of Grace Church By-Laws”
  4. Read “Affirmation of Commitment”
  5. Read “Understanding Baptism”  Baptism FAQ
  6. Write your testimony: Testimony Instructions and Sample
  1. Pastoral Interview/Schedule Baptism

Once your membership/baptism packet is complete, contact your fellowship group pastor to schedule a time for your application to be reviewed and signed. If you don’t currently have a pastor, please contact the membership office and they will schedule a pastoral interview for you.

(For those who have not been baptized as believers, your baptism will be scheduled at your earliest convenience once a pastor has signed your application. At that time, the Membership Department will give you the necessary details involved in being baptized)

  1. Right Hand of Fellowship (RHOF)

This is the culminating moment when the congregation extends an official welcome to those who have finished their membership/baptism process. The RHOF occurs at the close of the designated evening worship service. Before the service, there is a reception with the Pastors of Point of Grace Church, to welcome those joining as members that night.