Board of Pastors

Ps Moses NsubugaMin. Moses is a highly successful, resourceful business owner that has many years of experience in Cinematography, Animal and Poultry Husbandry relationships that matter. He understands the power of joining the business owners who know how to make money with a cause that makes an eternal difference! He and his wife, Lydia, have been allies for pastors and their wives for years before he joined this Board, already encouraging others to Get Involved. They have a burning desire to serve the Lord, especially in the area of providing Administrative Duties, Entrepreneurship Skills and community Healthy cares. They live in Luwero – Kizito  Zone with their children and with the anticipation that their efforts will yield great fruit for the Kingdom of God, and the benefit of their children’s children! Is working as the Administrative Board Chairman of the Ministry and we’ve seen alot God has used him to build faith in lives of the saints.

Ps Pauline

Min. Polar Nakate is a Minister in Point of Grace Church, holding the stewardship of Morning Service as one of the main pastors of the word. She’s gifted with a Spirit of discernment and she has served well not only within the church but even out the church as a woman councilor.  She has been a member of Point of Grace Fellowship for a number of years and has served on the Diaconate and Evangelism Board and Church Council.  After a successful career in the area of Teaching as her professional, Polar accepted a call to ministry and she’s serving with diligence amidst challenges. On top of being a pastor in the morning service, she’s holding a position of Ministry Treasurer, and she handles money issues that come in and goes out of the ministry as a faithful servant and good steward. She’s handling the community affairs as far as marriages and home affairs are concerned since she’s the woman counselor and she has done a commendable job to the entire community in the government of Uganda. Polar is doing poultry farming and animal husbandry on a small scale but very successful in Kizito zone – Luweero

Rebecca Nakazzi - Secretary

Min. Becky, is passionate about serving God and asserts that “John_12:26  If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour”.

This has helped her to more clearly define her own faith. She was instrumental in starting the ministry as well in 2015. As part of the ministry leadership team, Becky has worked tirelessly to engage the body of believers to care for orphans by raising awareness of the great need for foster and adoptive families within the church. Min. Rebbecca as (Co-Founder LifChild Uganda),  with the heartfelt belief that a lack of funding should never be a barrier between a child who needs a family and a family that desires to provide the love and stability of a permanent home, she helped to establish the ministry’s Foster Care Fund. This fund awards financial help to qualified families to help offset some of the costs associated with the foster and adoption processes. In support of this help fund. Convinced that God’s will for each of us is where His word and our life circumstances intersect. Nakazzi Rebecca is honored to have the opportunity to serve through Point of Grace International as a secretary to the ministry. Many things have been accomplished by her efforts both internally and externally to uphold the ethical values of the ministry in the body of Christ. She a teacher by professional in sign language and other fields as far as teaching is concerned.


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