Ps Nsubuga Moses Mayanja

Pastor – Administration

A highly successful, resourceful business owner that has many years of experience in Cinematography, Animal and Poultry Husbandry relationships that matter. He understands the power of joining the business owners who know how to make money with a cause that makes an eternal difference!… Read More…..

Ps. Semakula Francis

Associate Pastor

An electrical engineer by professional, An Agro-Business entrepreneur and a successful, business owner who has many years of experience in farming. Is happily married and their successful life is fully homed in Luwero, He understands the power of business owners who know how to make money with a cause that makes difference in people’s lives!…Read More

Ps Pauline Nakate - Morning Service Pastor

Pastor – Finance

A Minister in Point of Grace Church, holding the stewardship of Morning Service as one of the main pastors of the word. She’s gifted with a Spirit of discernment and she has served well not only within the church and even out the church as a woman councilor….Read More

Ps. Kigundu Bosco

Pastor – Evangelism & Missions

He provides coaching, consultation, customized evangelism strategies, personal evangelism training, evangelism seminars/conferences, and web based resources that provide leaders with 24/7 access to meet evangelism training needs. Bosco and Teopista, have mastered the art of carpentry on top of being ministers of the gospel. They housed Point of Grace in its Infancy and they are key pillars in the upfront nurturing of all youths in our community….Read More

Ps. Rebecca Nakkazi

Pastor – Secretariate

As part of the ministry leadership team, Becky has worked tirelessly to engage the body of believers to care for orphans by raising awareness of the great need for foster and adoptive families within the church. Rebbeca, passionate about serving God and asserts that “John_12:26  If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour”…Rad More

Pastor -Youth

Not under our watch. There will not be a generation who rises up who does not know the Lord nor the works He has done for you and I. Why do we exist? We exist to equip the Church so that every single Youth in this generation personally knows Jesus and they are well acquainted with all of his works! Gideon and Julie happily married with a baby boy in Kampala, they are servants of God currently serving as Youth Pastors of Point ..Read More