Womens ChairThe purpose of the Women’s Ministries Department is to encourage, equip, promote, and challenge  women in their journey as disciples of Jesus Christ and members of His Church and to bring women’s perspectives to the issues facing the Church. Women’s ministries should be ministry-driven, Helping to organize ministries and events that facilitate the spiritual growth and relationships of the women at our church.

Women’s ministry is a valuable channel of evangelism.Really,  If you’ve been tempted to think of women’s Bible study groups simply as cozy places for longtime friends, get ready for a paradigm shift. Women have amazing opportunity in today’s world to embrace other women who would never come (or, in some cases, never be allowed to come) to a mixed group. In all contexts, women’s groups rooted in God’s Word have enormous potential to minister to lost and hurting women who are drawn to authentic, gracious community—and who need above all to meet the Lord and Savior who shines through the Scriptures from beginning to end.

Many of us need to hear the stories of how God’s Word studied and taught has invaded the heart of a woman and then reached an entire family with the gospel—and how that grows faith and evangelistic fervor in churches. I’ve seen this happen in many groups, especially as leaders pray for this kind of gospel fruit and as one member after another invites an unbelieving friend to come along with her.

What an opportunity, through women’s ministry, to embrace the calling of God’s set-apart people to be salt and light in the world, for the sake of Christ and his kingdom.

Women’s ministry shouldn’t separate women from the rest of the congregation. In fact, it shouldn’t aim for the good of women alone but for the good of the whole church. As women encourage each other in Christ through his Word, they become increasingly godly, prayerful connectors with others in the body—family members, those needing physical or spiritual help, children, and church leaders.

 It’s a joy to see a church where male pastors and elders caringly shepherd all the members of their congregation—including the females ones, giving pastoral oversight to women’s ministry and encouraging training for women leaders. As a result, the whole church is strengthened and men and women are equipped to partner together in gospel work. One pastor who read a draft of this article said he’d add only this: the more sharp women of the Word are raised up in his congregation, the happier he is, since they help sharpen him in all sorts of ways.

The process can be hard. Leaders in marriage and in the church are still sinful human beings—and so are those who follow their leadership. In churches without unanimity concerning gender roles, untold sensitivity is required as believers faithfully pray for the leaders in place and seek to follow and serve according to God’s Word. Only by God’s grace, as he transforms us into his Son’s image through his Spirit and Word, do we grow together into a body that honors him.